Legendary technique – sharp technology

Knives have been sharpened with grindstones and water for millennia. The power of grindstones was already well known in ancient Greece (Socrates).

Even today, grindstone is the most prestigious sharpening method for knives.

Using a grindstone in combination with water will prevent the knife blade from overheating. Excessive heating of the knife blade will no longer be sharpened.

The LBA 300 knife sharpener sharpens the knife while respecting the fine properties of the steel. It is powerful, it offers a good working position, it is built entirely of stainless materials.

With the LBA 300 knife sharpener you can also quickly repair a detective knife.


The LBA 300 is Swiss quality work. The case is made of polyester and thus easy to keep clean. You can also use the knife sharpener to quickly repair a detective knife.

Technical information
Voltage 230 V
The diameter of the stone 300 mm
The speed of the stone 5 m/s
Cooling water
Water tank 2,5 liters
Dimensions 590x390x300 mm