Represented brands

Astor Astral and Victral slicing blades, food industry blades
Carl Stahl Kromer Spring balancers
Höcker Accessories in stainless steel
Höcker Food industry supplies and equipments, hygiene stations, boot-washers
Knecht Cutter blades, sharpening machines
LBA Knife sharpening machines
L&W Lumbeck & Wolter Meat grinder blades
MADO Knife sharpening machines
Manulatex Safety gloves and aprons
– Maillinox Safety aprons
– WILCOFLEX Chainmail Blade Stop Glove
– WILCO Chainmail Blade Stop Glove
 T+ Chainmail Blade Stop Glove
Safety glove stiffeners
Morakniv Frosts knifes
Müchling Brine injection 1-needle
Newrox Knife sharpening machines
Termet Plugs and clips for slaughterhouse, tools
TMP Knife sharpening machines
Turbocut JOPP Meat grinder blades

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