We supply machinery, equipment and supplies to the slaughterhouse-, meat processing-, ready meal-, fish processing industries, vegetable processing and bakeries. We are looking for the best solutions in our international equipment range. We represent well-known European manufacturers. The range covers the needs of the comprehensive food industry production process.

Foodmec works closely with its sister company Oy Mesmec Ab, utilizing Mesmec’s strong design expertise and project services.

Knowledge for the development of food industry processes.

Abele Dehairing machines
Anritsu Contaminant detection, X-ray inspection system, metal detectors, checkweighers and combination equipment
Astor Bowl cutter blades, circular blades
BAXX Air purifiers
Bilwinco Multihead weighers solutions
Bobet Accessories, machinery and equipment
Carl Stahl Kromer Spring balancers
EFA Slaughterhouse and cutting room tools and devices
EXOS Pin bone removers
FAM Shredders and slicers machines
Höcker Accessories and equipment
Inwestpol Mixers, brine machines, massagers
JBT FoodTech Avure High pressure pasteurization
JBT FoodTech Formcook Forming lines, ovens and cookers
JBT FoodTech Fricoscandia Refrigeration and freezing lines and spirals
JBT FoodTech SteinDSI and DoubleD Baking lines, breading equipment and grilling lines
Jimco Air, surface and wastewater cleaning and disinfection
JWE-Baumann Slaughterhouse equipment
K+G Wetter Grinders and bowl cutters
Kari Farming Small slaughtering for poultry
Karl Schermer Stunning equipment
Kittner Washing machines, hygiene solutions, lifters and swing loaders
Knecht Sharpening equipment
Kuno Wasser Blades, circular knives and band knives
LIMA Meat separators
Lumbeck & Wolter Meat grinder blades and filtering plates
MADO Sharpeners and band saws
Mafo Washing and drying machines
Manulatex Protective equipments for slaughterhouse and cutting room
Mavitec Processing of by-products
Mesmec Integrations, complete solutions
Mesmec Mixers, belt and lamella conveyors, screw conveyors, silos and tanks and maintenance platforms
Morakniv Frosts knives
Müchling Brine injection 1-needle
NOCK Skinning machines, derinding machines, ice makers
Newrox Knife sharpening machines
Pulsotronic Checkweighers and combination equipment
Pulsotronic Line solutions, End-Off-Line solutions
Pulsotronic Metal detectors, optical inspection
Sairem Microwave and radio frequency defrosters
Schmid & Wezel EFA 805 powerknife, cutters, saws
SCHRÖDER Brine machines
SCHRÖTER Smoking and cooking cabinets
Stumabo Blades
TALSA Piston syringes, cutters, mixers, cooking pots
Termet Stunning equipment, auxiliary equipment and accessories
TMP Sharpening equipment
TPH Sharpening equipment
Turbocut JOPP Blades, knives and perforated plates
Vac-Air, Inc Compressed air cutters for poultry
Wamma Slaughterhouse equipment
WEISSER Jar openers and stick mixers
Zico Blades, knives and hole plates

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