100 % Stainless Steel

WILCO Chainmail Blade Stop Glove offer excellent protection when dicing and cutting  meat and fish.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Five fingers
  • With and without cuff
  • Stainless steel springs tighten the glove around the wrist
  • Thanks to the clamps on the back of the palm, the fingertips do not hang loosely and the glove gets a better grip
  • Visual size identification by color tag
  • Compliant with requirements of the following standards:  ISO 13999-1, NF EN 1082-1, NF EN 14328 and NF EN 1811 +A1


WILCO with upper arm protection

Size Tag color Equivalence
0 Brown 5 – 5 ½ XXS
1 Green 6 – 6 ½ XS
2 White 7 – 7 ½ S
3 Red 8 – 8 ½ M
4 Blue 9 – 9 ½ L
5 Yellow 10 XL

WILCO with 20 cm Blade-Stop wrist guard

WILCO with 7,5 cm wrist guard

WILCO without wrist guard

WILCO with 20 cm wrist guard

Product Information

Patented closing system with ultra-flat stainless steel springs firmly attached to the rings of the chainmail. This allows the springs to tighten the glove around the wrist.

Chainmesh glove behaves like a knitted glove and fits all hands. Easy to put on your hand and take off.

Chainmesh gloves are long-lasting because they are very durable.

Chainmesh gloves are completely closed: there are no slit on the side.

100 % stainless steel chainmesh gloves are resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

Each chainmesh glove has a plate that will allow us to review its background

Chainmesh gloves can be brushed vigorously with +50 °C water and then rinsed with at least +80 °C water. Disinfection should be done with food grade non-acidic disinfectants